The Olešnice Micro-region

The area of the Olešnice micro-region occupies the northwest part of the Boskovice region. It neighbours with the Vysočina and Pardubice regions. The northern border of the cadastre is the borderline between Bohemia and Moravia. The overall area is 4,539 ha, the population is 2,950. The town of Olešnice is a natural centre of the region, which also includes the municipalities of Křtěnov, Crhov, Louka, Kněževes with the local districts of Jobova Lhota and Veselka, Rozsíčko, Lhota u Olešnice, Ústup and Sulíkov with the local district of Vřesice.

Olešnice received a prestigious award for its activities within the Rural Renewal Programme in 1999 when it won the competition "Czech Village of the Year". In the same year, it was declared a town by the Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament.

The territory of the Olešnice region is suitable for tourist. The picturesque landscape with far views but slight slopes is also suitable for less demanding cycling, hiking and winter sports, mainly cross-country skiing.

It includes the municipalities: Crhov, Kněževes, Křtěnov, Lhota u Olešnice, Olešnice, Rozsíčka, Sulíkov, Ústup, Veselka


Landline: +420 516 463 108
E-mail: starosta@olesnice.cz