The Boskovice Micro-region

The Boskovice micro-region occupies the eastern part of the Boskovice region and neighbours with the Prostějov district. Boskovice is accessible from Brno and Svitavy by road no. 43, which is crossed by roads no. 19 and 150 (west-east route from Prostějov to Žďár nad Sázavou).

The town of Boskovice is the centre of the micro-region. It is the town of a seven-toothed crest, the ninth largest town of south Moravia, an ancient administrative centre, a town of schools, production companies and cultural traditions.

The municipalities of the micro-regions lie at the foothills and hills of Drahany Highlands, some in the Boskovice Gully. The vertical distance therefore varies between 300 m above sea level along the Svitava River and 700 m above sea level or even higher - the highest peaks of Drahany Highlands.

The micro-region is formed by 14 municipalities: Benešov, Chrudichromy, Knínice, Kořenec, Lhota Rapotina, Ludíkov, Okrouhlá, Sudice, Suchý, Újezd u Boskovic, Valchov, Velenov, Vážany, Žďárná and the town of Boskovice. The overall area of the micro-region is 130 km2; over 17 thousand people live there.