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Zámecký sál, Velké Opatovice
Taneční pro studenty Gymnázia Jevíčko
Středisko volného času, 17.listopadu 1, Boskovice
Hrajeme si
2/12 - 9/12
Mateřské centrum Boskovice
Boskovice, Muzeum Boskovicka
Veřejné představení knihy Boskovice v historických fotografiích a pohlednicích
4/12 - 5/12
Masarykovo nám. Boskovice
XVIII. Vánoční jarmark
Sál ZUŠ Letovice
Vilém Spilka Quartet
4/12 - 17/1
Vánoční výstava betlémů a křest kalendáře Letovice 2016
Před školou, Šebetov
Vypouštění balonků s přáním Ježíškovi
5/12 - 13/12
Kulturní dům, Chrudichromy
Výstava betlémů
Hasičská zbrojnice Letovice
Mikulášská nadílka
Středisko volného času, 17.listopadu 1, Boskovice
Mikulášská jízda na koni
Středisko volného času, 17.listopadu 1, Boskovice
Mikulášské nadělování
Před hasičskou zbrojnicí, Velké Opatovice
Setkání dětí se sv. Mikulášem
Hasičský sklipek, Borotín
Mikulášská nadílka
4. ročník Mikulášského běhu Světlou
Zámecký park, Šebetov
Mikulášská nadílka
Pochod Mikuláše s andělem
Velké Opatovice - Vídeň
Zájezd - Adventní prohlídka Vídně
Sál ZUŠ Letovice
Benefiční koncert pro azylový dům
Zámecký sál Velké Opatovice
Taneční podvečery
Kostel sv. Jiří, Velké Opatovice
Mikuláš v kostele
Region Boskovicko
Mikulášská jízda 2015
Středisko volného času, 17.listopadu 1, Boskovice
MěÚ Boskovice, velká zasedací místnost
Účetní uzávěrka a daň z příjmu

Where to go in the Boskovice region?

The Boskovice region is in the north of the South-Moravian Region in the Czech Republic, at the boundary of two highland ranges: Bohemian-Moravian Highlands and Drahany Highlands. The Boskovice Gully and the Svitava River valley as well as several natural parks create a very colourful and varied relief of the whole region.

You will find features typical for Drahany Highlands - hills and mountainous crests as well as short lowlands and picturesque valleys, meadows and coniferous as well as deciduous trees. The countryside is interwoven by streamlets and creeks as well as artificially created water reservoirs.

The Boskovice Gully starts at Jevíčko and goes all the way to Boskovice where it runs into the valley of the Svitava River. Both connected lowlands have fertile land and they are called Malá Haná. You will find evidence of a rich history at many places of the region because it was already populated in the prehistoric period.

In the past, there were many routes going through the region so a lot of castles were founded for their protection. Some castles were later reconstructed into chateau residences, such as Letovice or Kunštát.

Boskovice is the centre of the area. The sources show that it was founded in mid-13th century and it has many cultural and architectural places of interest - a castle, chateau, town hall, St. Jacob’s church, synagogue maior in the Jewish quarter and an original Jewish cemetery. Boskovice is surrounded by many beautiful and attractive places, such as the Suchý lake, Western town or folk architecture, church and vicarage in Knínice.

In addition to the historical atmosphere of the folk architecture, there are also several craft manufactures that you can visit, such as potteries, blueprint workshops etc.

The Halasovo Kunštátsko Natural Park occupies an area of 48.6 km2 and the countryside enchanted the heart of a famous poet who liked to come here. Kunštát proudly bears the name of its lords whose family residence used to be the castle above the town and from whose family also King George of Poděbrady came.

In nearby Rudka, there is a cave of the Blanik Knights. It was created by Stanislav Rolínek, a sculptor, in a sandstone rock and there are statues of St. Wenceslaus, Blanik Knights, legionaries, a lion and other.

Other significant settlements are the centres of micro-regions: Lysice, Kunštát, Svitávka, Letovice, Olešnice, Velké Opatovice.

The Boskovice region is a great place for active leisure time. There are marked tourist trails, bike trails or cross-country trails leading to all places of interest. The Ski Resort in Olešnice has three ski lifts and a slope with artificial snow that is ideal mainly for families with children.

No matter what season you choose for your visit of the Boskovice region, there will always be one of the traditional events that are described under individual micro-regions.

Thanks to its ecologically balanced landscape, rich history and a wide cultural offer, the Boskovice region is a popular tourist destination.

We look forward to seeing you here.